Go for it, Rob! Cheering you on!

Question: Are you ever afraid to be prolific? As I read this, I realized that I am. I wonder if that's part of why I push my own creative work to the side. I have tons of ideas but often feel like they have to be perfect before I put them out into the world. Or I feel overwhelmed by the number of ideas and cn't find resonance/joy/stability with any of them.

Any of that resonate?

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oh yeah, i'm terrified of being prolific and imperfect! that's the biggest reason i committed to 100 days of publishing. it's basically some exposure therapy to help me accept that none of this is a big deal and i won't die if my work's not perfect lol

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It’s weird, but even after seeing others do this and seeing the good work they put out even when it’s not “perfect,“ I still have fear surrounding the idea of being prolific. Some of it lies in the question of whether the Internet really needs more stuff. I wonder if being too prolific might add to the noise instead of contributing something truly valuable. I wrestle with that.

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Great post. I resonate with it a lot as part of my own journey of creating something that is uniquely my own. Keep going, Rob!

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Rob, I agree with all the 4 points you write about, especially creating from the inside out. "The keys to walking your own path are already within you.” I have experienced this.

I have been following my joy since leaving the corporate world as company accountant (stuck in the trap of earning 6 figures - but feeling crushed inside in a sole destroying job).

Since following my joy and letting life come to me and I was led to creating a beautiful business as a Pet Sitter, I litterly fell into it, no planning, just felt right and following my joy and love of animals.

This business has given me time to be more creative during the day, I have more free time to explore and experiment in writing, coaching and mentoring, and now discovering another area where I see a place I can make the world a better place in the health niche.

I agree with “There's a part of you, deep down, that sees how your corner of the world is broken” In my area of health expertise, I see this clearly and can see a path now of how I can be a part to make it better.

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