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I actually “choose your own price” scenario Rob. If you give top value in your offerings free and people experience transformation shifts from this content, they are more likely to pay a good price for your coaching. People pay according to the value they perceive they are getting.

I like your Non-coercive marketing method, and as you say its similar to the gift-based economics, but offering it in a non-salesy way that is addressing their underlying needs and letting them know you understand them, where they are in their journey (as you have been there yourselve) and you are here to support them get over the bridge to the other side safely and transformed

I believe if you are creating a business from your own journey and sharing how you to got to where you are now (transformed) and its authentic, real, honest and open, people will gravitate to this energy and be attracted to learn more from you.

They build their trust with you as they know you have been where they are now, and have managed to tackle the path they need to make and managed to cross overside of the bridge safely transformed.

They need to know they will be safe in your hands with their vulnerability of taking those steps to cross the bridge, but once you guide them step by step and they get mini results, they trust you to take them all the way.

I love the “choose your own adventure” it gives people the choice of what step to take next depending on what stage they are at in their journey.

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