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I think this is what I love about your blog - you have this 'human' (lol) way of talking which is so necessary in this marketing speak world. Also love that you actually interact with your readers. P.S. I signed up for the forest, I'm excited to see what it offers, (even if I was swayed just by the quirky name! ). And hope to get some insights from that workshop too, I desperately need some help to get out of my creative rut.

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I think this dovetails well with my current exploration of creativity through a Biblical lens (which I'm working on in the background). In the Christian worldview, creativity is part of God's nature. Humans reflect creativity as part of being made in God's image, hence why AI can never replicate true creativity. Looking at creativity that way also infuses it with a great deal of "aliveness," as you put it, for if we're reflecting the nature of God Himself, we're showing a glimpse of the infinite power infused into the very fabric of creation.

There's a ton to explore here, and it's exciting and daunting at the same time.

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Damn skippy, Rob!

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